Here are six indulgent hot chocolate recipes from around the web that I have made and can confirm are delicious!

In Scotland, in winter, it’s cold. Like, I wanna wear my scarf and gloves indoors kinda cold. There’s nothing that cheers me up on a cold, miserable winter night like making some homemade hot chocolate. The stuff you buy in the supermarket isn’t nowhere near the same level – trust me on this.

You know those gorgeous blog recipes of thick, foamy indulgent drinks overflowing a lovely mug onto a very clean table? Like, you can do that at home. I promise. Your hot chocolate doesn’t need to be arty; you can keep it inside the mug where it belongs. But the delicious, delicious hot chocolate inside? Trust me when I say you want to be making these asap asap asap. And chase the winter blues away.

6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes I Love

6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | the sugar hit Thick Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate from The Sugar Hit (Peanut butter in errthing!)

Thick, rich, salty peanut butter hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and perfect with some crunchy pretzels alongside.

 6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | adventures in cooking Melted Hot Chocolate with Sea Salt Whipped Cream from Adventures in Cooking

The melted chocolate added the best thick and velvety texture, and created a richness and intensity of flavor that you just cannot get from using a powdered cocoa base.

 6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | yammie's noshery Boozy Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate from Yammie’s Noshery

I have big dreams of all this snow and sub-zero weather being done with by then though, so I thought I would just go ahead and post this boozy hot chocolate to warm your soul while it still needs warming.
 6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | recipe girl White Chocolate and Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Recipe Girl

A delicious warm mug of this easy, jazzed-up hot chocolate is perfect for taking the chill off on a cold winter day.

 6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | minimalist baker Mexican Hot Chocolate with Coconut Whipped Cream from Minimalist Baker

Sweet and slightly spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate with cool, creamy coconut whipped cream.

 6 Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes Image | sugar and soul Black Cherry Bourbon Hot Chocolate from Sugar and Soul

Take your favorite cold weather beverage to the next level with a little black cherry bourbon.

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