This Friday (TGIF #1), I’m thinking about Final Fantasy, new year resolutions, and omg more Ms. Marvel.

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  • We spent new year’s day throwing poo at each other! I’ve been playing more card games lately. Some tend to be more gamer-type card games and some are more easily accessible for everyone. Family-friendly. That’s what Poo* is. We got it for my boyfriend’s dad’s Christmas and we played with 5 players after new year lunch. We all (gamers and definite non-gamers alike) got into it really quickly; even those who weren’t initially sold on the idea. Within 2-3 turns, we were all pros at the game. Quite literally, each player is a monkey in a zoo throwing poo at the others. After getting hit with fifteen poos, you’re out. The cards are fun and quirky; the gameplay is quick and easy; and everyone is guaranteed to have fun! Everyone! If you want a fun card game to play with your family, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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  • Finally here: Final Fantasy TCG* (trading card game) from Square Enix. This is such a fun game to play, either as a couple or as a tournament. All you need is to starter sets and a table. You get all the cards, the gaming mat, and a beginner’s guide to the game included. You can currently get starter sets for VII (mine ♥), X, and XIII; each with characters from their own respective games, to battle against each other. I don’t play a lot of card games, but I picked this up easily within a few turns. It’s a fast-paced to play and easily replayable. We could’ve spent an afternoon battling each other and none of us have even bought booster packs yet. The cards and artwork are also gorgeous. Highly recommended to all for a fun night of card games.TGIF 1 Image | final fantasy
  • Ms. Marvel Vol 6* came out on December 27th and I only just got my grubby little paws on it! So no spoilers here. I’ve been riding on the Ms. Marvel boat for along time now and by the looks of things I’m not getting off any time soon. I was iffy about Civil War II, but sometimes the standalones are better than the main storyline, and I suspect that may be the case here. I can’t wait to get stuck into this new volume; although I hope the character butchering of Carol Danvers comes good in the end, as I hate what the storyline’s done to their lovely relationship.

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  • Sherlock came back on Sunday with a huge bang! Ohmygodohmygod. I think this modern adaption of Sherlock Holmes is, stylistically, one of the best-looking shows on TV. The plot was pretty good, the writing was as sharp as it’s always been, and I was just so excited to see Sherlock back… I loved it, and can’t wait for the next part in the story. I’m hoping the remaining episodes will be a bit tighter plot-wise; it was very surprising, but not as inspired as previous episodes have been. Quote of the week – Sherlock on why anyone would destroy a Margaret Thatcher bust – “I’m no expert… but possibly her face.” Check out the trailer below:

  • A few days ago, a new year came blowing in, and I resolved to do a lot of stuff. In that time, I’ve written over 1,200 words of The God of the Roses, started my first case study of my work project, and had a very in-depth conversation with a colleague at work about the fact that we’re both on chapter 4 of Final Fantasy XV and I’ve absolutely fangirled over Yuri!!!… On ICE with anyone who’ll listen! (I will stop being embarrassed by the things I enjoy). I have lost no weight, but have no regrets. 2017, come at me!

It’s only just begun.

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