So The Girl Says is the blog of Suzanne Forman, an aspiring Scottish fiction writer.


Suzanne graduated from Robert Gordon University in 2014 with a First Class Honours degree in Media. She enjoys all forms of writing, particularly that of the speculative dark fantasy bent. Suzanne is currently working on several projects, including a high fantasy series, The God of the Roses, about a dying world and its mysterious ruler. In her free time, she enjoys making homemade preserves, reading comic books, tormenting her guinea pigs (Carter + Nick Furry ♥), and saving a buck. Suzanne absolutely loves a good spreadsheet.

Suzanne currently works in optical care. She has had practical work experience in several business sectors, working in digital marketing and copywriting. Suzanne was Marketing Executive for two years at the multi-award winning health food company, Pulsetta Foods. She also did a year-long marketing internship with multi-award winning educational technology company, Giglets Reads. You can find more information about Suzanne’s experience on her LinkedIn.

Suzanne is always interested in new opportunities for personal and career advancement. For business queries, PR, or other professional concerns, you can contact Suzanne here or through Twitter.

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This blog is for sharing essays, thoughts, and ideas that I have. Usually I blog about writing, and art, and creativity (and sometimes my lack of it). I tend towards the geekier side of life.  I’m particularly interested in fantasy, science fiction, and fictional world-building. I wrote my graduate thesis on the consumption of imagined worlds and why they appeal to people in our postmodern society.

My magnum opus, if you will, is the domain of the Southern Isles. This is the imagined land I’ve been dreaming about for years and have only recently dared to write about. I currently have three planned stories in this universe: a four-part epic, The God of the Roses; a children’s novel, Children of the Waterwheel; and the loosely-related sequel, Mine o’ Mine, which I plan to finish the first draft of during NaNoWriMo 2016. More on that later!

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